How Does Your Team Get Mail When No One’s In The Office?

Digital Mailroom gets mail to your remote team.

digital mailroom plans

Automate with one of our Digital Mailroom plans. 

We offer cloud-based SAAS to Custom and Contactless Digital Mailroom plans.  Also, each plan is designed to securely collect, scan, and deliver mail to your  teams. As a result, we’ve got a Digital Mailroom plan for every budget and need.

Work with the pros.

With so many options out there, where do you start? Of course, you start with BerkOne. We pioneered this industry, providing organizations with paper to electronic conversion, data capture, and process automation for 85 years. The leading provider of Digital Mailroom services since 1995, BerkOne is an expert in securely and efficiently automating mail rooms.

“BerkOne has been wonderful – working with us to find the best way to digitize the University of Pittsburgh’s mailroom. Not only is the entire support team dedicated to project completion, but also flexible to changing timelines and requirements. As a result, this solution reduces staff time spent sorting mail and looking up names with incomplete addresses. Also, it ensures that our customers receive their mail faster than ever before.” 

Amy Amrhein, Manager, Business and Auxiliary Services, University of Pittsburgh

Find the Digital Mailroom plan that’s right for not only your needs but also your budget. 


  • DIY Cloud-Based Technology 
  • Mail Scanning & Document Upload 
  • Departmental Routing 
  • Workflow 
  • Secure Cloud Storage  
  • Implementation Less Than 30 Days 

Contactless Secure Mailroom

  • Mailroom Outsourced To Secure BerkOne Facility
  • Organization-Wide Or Department Routing 
  • Complex Data Capture  
  • Return Mail Management 
  • Secure Cloud Storage 
  • Implementation Time Less Than 60 Days 

Custom Enterprise

  • Secure Cloud Storage In Our Cloud Or Yours 
  • Custom Solution 
  • Dedicated Solution Architect 
  • Organization-Wide Or Department Routing 
  • Complex Data Capture  
  • Return Mail Management 
  • Implementation Time Less Than 90 Days 

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What We Do

A leader in content and process automation solutions for 85 years, our team partners with organizations that require the highest levels of audit and compliance in the industry. BerkOne’s technology and services focus on document capture, digitization, and process automation providing searchable and actionable data with just a point and click.

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