Process Automation For Government Means Big Savings.


Indianapolis (Marion County) now issues search warrants in minutes. As a result, this helps law enforcement work more efficiently to maintain public safety. BerkOne’s solution allows us remote access to data, notably in keeping with the Law Department of the Future initiative.

Digitize paper documents. Then, put data at your team’s fingertips.

We not only digitize paper but also capture important information.  All, with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, you get state-of-the-art equipment coupled with our highly experienced team. Then, everything backed by 85 years of experience.

Maybe you’re scanning paper documents for accounts receivable. Or, you want to digitize the mail so your team doesn’t miss a beat. In fact, document scanning and imaging has unlimited applications.

Also, after scanning documents we can index them. In fact, we can digitize thousands of documents from your paper files. Or, you may want us to digitize documents on a daily basis–a few at a time. As a result, scanning and data capture cuts down on manual handling while driving increased efficiency into your process.


BerkOne has been instrumental in providing efficient payment and information processing solutions. The team worked together with the York Adams Tax Bureau staff to fine-tune and customize to our needs. Overall, their professionalism, knowledge, and ability to adapt to different situations is outstanding. During the past four years we have developed what we hope will be a long-lasting relationship with BerkOne.

– Al Timko, Executive Director, York Adams Tax Bureau

Affordable process automation for government.

Can you afford to automate? Yes. Because, we’ve designed and tested affordable solutions. So, let’s save you time and money.

Easy set-up.

In fact, many clients are up and running in less than 30 days. Really.

Return On Investment.

Before buying something, you want proof that it’s worth it. And, we’ve got proof that process automation for government results in huge savings. So, what are you waiting for?

process automation for government industry


Working with BerkOne saved Crawford County time and money.  In fact, we cut our forms processing time substantially. On the whole, it allowed us to complete our project on time and on budget.

– Joe Galbo, Chief Assessor, Crawford County, PA

What We Do

A leader in content and process automation for 85 years, our team works with organizations that need the highest levels of security and compliance in the industry. BerkOne’s technology and services focus on document capture, digitization, and process automation. As a result, our clients get searchable and actionable data with just a point and click.

BerkOne Solutions

Digital Mailroom Platform

Digital Mailroom Automation extracts and validates information from incoming paper and digital mail and converts it to data that informs business workflows across internal and external ecosystems.

Accounts Payable Automation

Manage AP workflows more effectively from capturing and verifying invoice data to creating approval and exception workflows for routing into your AP, ERP, or any System of Record.

Content Management

Allow users to import, manage, and access content from one secure library. Provide quick and easy access to any information stored in the content library with full-text searching.

Process Automation

Harness Process Automation capabilities to automate any operational workflow across finance, government, healthcare, human resources, manufacturing and more.

Additional Solutions

Workflow automation and more. A product that provides auditable and compliant workflows; manages the entire employee life cycle; and accelerates FMLA, Workers’ Comp, and ADA requests.

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