Digital Product Library Provides Easy Access

International Medical Device Manufacturer embraces the expertise of document imaging professionals; saving substantial time and money in the process. The company develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of clinically advanced, disposable catheters and related products for critical and cardiac care. The company’s products are used primarily by anesthesiologists, critical care specialists, surgeons, emergency and trauma physicians, cardiologists, interventional radiologists and other healthcare providers.
The Challenge

They had 1.3 million pages of information for the medical devices that they produce stored in boxes that required a physical search when information was needed. This information included specs, test documentation and various other documents. They were in need of a solution to reduce the time and resources that were wasted each time product information was requested. They also required the ability to search all of the documents to easily and quickly look up specific information.

The BerkOne Solution

BerkOne provided a digital product library that not only generated searchable images of each document, but also provided a complete Disaster Recovery Solution. BerkOne scanned each document and developed a web-based retrieval solution for them to electronically organize, reconcile records inventory, and explore their documents. The search tool does a full text search, giving individuals from the company’s centers around the world to link various documents, such as Revision (REV) files, Manufacturer Change (MC) files, and DHR files by common search terms.

Additionally, BerkOne hosts their data storage, manages their physical storage and consulted with them to help develop a day forward document capture station to empower them with the ability to continue the paper workflow of all new documents that are produced.

The Results

The project resulted in the successful indexing of all of their work with easy access to all of their files in an extremely organized fashion. BerkOne was able to import from the company corresponding electronic data feeds from their internal systems and marry that data to the metadata captured during the scan process resulting in highly indexed images with a low data entry cost. The company is now able to use their digital product library to utilize the online search tool to find a specific document in minutes and get information on products in minutes rather than the hours or even days it required in the past saving them time and money.

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Tax Revenue Doubles for York Adams Tax Bureau after Automating Processes