How is your AP team accessing and paying invoices?

AP Connected securely digitizes your AP system so every invoice is approved and paid on time (and auditable).

Who's getting and distributing your office mail?

We’ve got three Digital Mailroom plans to make sure your team receives and acts on every piece of mail.

What are you doing to manage printing and mailing needs ?

Our team will handle all your Printing and Mailing needs with the highest level of compliance. They’re pros at postage rules, barcode requirements, design specifications, and more.


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Document Capture

Our document capture solution offers fast retrieval and easy sharing of electronic documents.  Additionally, this type of process automation not only reduces operational costs but also physical storage space.

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Data Extraction

We have the resources and technology to get your data from a variety of sources and locations.  Then, we consolidate, organize, and store your data in a centralized system onsite, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

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Robotic Process Automation

We can help you create digital workforces that work side-by-side with your employees.  Now, information that was once time-consuming to collect and process is readily available.

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Workflow Automation

We can build end-to-end workflows that help you leverage and easily track data for business continuity, effectiveness, and efficiency. This results in multiple tasks, data, and file routing now bundled into process automation.

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Process Automation Experts

Since 1936, we’ve been a trusted partner in delivering the vision of a paperless office to more than 1,000 clients. We’ve invested significant resources to provide process automation with the highest levels of audit and compliance. All our technology and services are designed to give clients actionable data with just a point and click.

Clients who trust us with their process automation. All, with the highest levels of audit and compliance.

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