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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource
Document Management, Mail, Imaging, and More

1. EOL (End Of Life) Equipment
Faced with expensive equipment becoming obsolete, organizations benefit from an outside resource that has already invested in document management equipment built to handle mail, printing, imaging, and other services.

2. Labor Challenges
Finding and keeping workers has become an impossible task. Outsourcing provides a built-in labor force without the headaches and investment required to attract in-house labor.

3. Managing Consumables
Ongoing supply chain issues and the rising costs of consumables like paper and ink divert energy from an organization focused on business operations and meeting client deliverables. Working with an outside resource that has nurtured relationships with supply chain providers offers stability and cost savings.

4. Quality Assurance
Well-established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within an external resource ensure best practices and produce gold standard results for its clients.

5. Security & Compliance
A robust set of processes and internal auditing, along with HIPAA and SOC2 compliance, can help organizations —especially those in highly-regulated industries— meet today’s increasingly complex security and compliance requirements.

What’s inside today’s outsourcing trend, and how has it become the smart choice for companies trying to lighten the load?

In addition to the top five reasons to outsource, some universal pressures and challenges have made outsourcing the intelligent choice for organizations that want to ensure zero workflow interruptions.

According to the Brookings Institution, “Declining labor force participation now accounts for almost all the ‘missing employment’ (relative to the pre-pandemic labor market) in the U.S. today!”*

That tight labor market leaves enormous gaps for employers competing in their need for onsite workers.

Finally, COVID-19 created a remote and hybrid workforce and, as a result, presents new challenges for employers.

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Tax Revenue Doubles for York Adams Tax Bureau after Automating Processes
Tax Revenue Doubles for York Adams Tax Bureau after Automating Processes