Q4 2023


Case Study

The Problem

York Adams Tax Bureau faced several significant challenges with its manual tax processing system. “The amount of manual keying was staggering,” says Al Timko, Executive Director, YATB. “With employees always ‘working the paper’ and trying to catch up each tax year, there was no time for us to pursue lost revenue from delinquent taxes.”

As a result, YATB worked with multiple vendors to develop an in-house technology solution without success and recognized the need to find an experienced resource. This potential resource needed to do more than scanning and saving documents; it needed to understand the intricacies of capturing and processing tax data in a secure environment. “After meeting with multiple resources for more than a year, YATB found BerkOne, and they had the solution we needed,” says Timko.

The Implementation

In 2014, York Adams Tax Bureau chose BerkOne, a leading workflow transformation company, as a trusted partner to help create a program that YATB would use to begin digitizing and extracting data from the Bureau’s employer tax returns. The program’s success inspired YATB to entrust BerkOne with all its tax workflow automation programs.

Basically, the workflow automation included seamless and secure processing of tax returns, other tax forms, and check processing and deposits. As a result of leveraging BerkOne’s expertise and technology, YATB’s 45 employees redirected their focus on capturing delinquent taxes, resulting in remarkable revenue growth.

York Adams description and Al Timko smiling about doubling tax revenue

Al Timko
Executive Director
York Adams Tax Bureau

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Tax Revenue Doubles for York Adams Tax Bureau after Automating Processes
Tax Revenue Doubles for York Adams Tax Bureau after Automating Processes