Content Management

Capture and store all forms of digital content

Content comes in all shapes and sizes including image files, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, emails, and Zip files.

Provide universal access to a content library

Unify teams by providing one universal and secure library to quickly put data and documents at your team’s fingertips.

Insure secure storage of all content

Content is securely stored with encryption and permission-based access to insure compliance.


A Content Management System allow users to import, manage, and access content from one secure library. Provide quick and easy access to any information stored in the content library with full-text searching.

Use the cloud so your teams, anywhere in the world, have data at their fingertips.

Create a seamless workflow with internal and external teams including on-site and remote workers anywhere in the world.

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to productivity.

From anywhere on the globe, your team can access files, route documents for review, approval, and eSignatures, and so much more.

Connect internal and external systems to build one common user interface.

Index and distribute relevant content from multiple systems for use in a variety of applications.

Get ahead of the game for audits.

Track every version of every document all from one place so you’re ready to go for any potential audits.

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Tax Revenue Doubles for York Adams Tax Bureau after Automating Processes
Tax Revenue Doubles for York Adams Tax Bureau after Automating Processes